Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday

The button is a work in progress....maybe someday this can be a linky party? Maybe someone already does this and I'm not aware? Anyway, it's spring time, and with Spring time comes Spring cleaning! The gem below is my report card, circa 1992. Discovered as my mom organized the study. I am pretty sure I have every single report card from Kindergarten (maybe pre-school) all the way to my Senior year. I haven't spread everything out yet. I chose this one since I was in Second Grade and now that's what I teach! 

It gets conduct and attendance:

my grades:

and last, but not least, an explanation of reading levels (please note that I was a level 6 the first half of the year, and a level 7 the second half):

These reading levels are from 1991-1992, second grade. I have know idea what they mean really, I don't know how it was assessed or anything. My third grade report card looked the same. 

I hope by next week I can find something else to share!

You love me!