Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Veteran's Day is Friday! (and Thanksgiving is just around the corner!)

We have survived the election and it's time to look into the not so far off future. Veteran's Day is Friday, November 11th. But don't worry if you forgot because I have the perfect easily printed and implemented activity. And it's only one dollar! 

It contains a mini book and comprehension questions (print the book and questions on one page double sided per student.) Your students will read the mini book and answer ten questions based on their reading. 
The front, back, and inside of the mini book. The comprehension questions are on the back of the book. Just print double sided and fold in half! 

Then your students can complete a timeline based on the events from the mini book. There are two timelines you can choose from. The "easier" timeline has the dates listed and students just cut out each box to glue in order on construction paper or the timeline paper provided. The "harder" timeline has blanks for the dates, so your students would have to go back to the mini book to find the dates and write them in, then cut out the boxes to glue them in order on construction paper or the timeline paper provided. 

An example of the timeline paper with three of the "harder" timeline boxes cut out and placed in order. 

Of course I have included an answer key for the comprehension questions and the timeline! 
You may purchase this for $1 from my store on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is a direct link to the product: The History of Veteran's Day

And please do not forget to thank a Veteran this Friday! 

You love me!