Sunday, January 26, 2014

A peek at my week...

I'm linking up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for her "A Peek at my Week" linky party!

My week has gotten off to a rocky start if you count today as the first day of my week. Long I'll spare you the details of my morning! On a side note- I have been able to create some synonym and antonym activities with a Valentine's Day theme :) I will be creating some more things and bundle it all together- a goal I have set for myself for the week!

Friday we got a "snow day" I use quotations because we didn't actually get snow. In my *ahem" 29 years of living in Houston, it has snowed here, really snowed here, like three times? Maybe. Basically on Friday it got really cold and icy in the morning. So it was deemed unsafe to drive, and school districts closed.

This week we were supposed to be giving district benchmarks. All week. But I know the district probably planned on copying them all on Friday to give on Monday. But then we were closed Friday, so the benchmarks probably have NOT been copied for us to give on Monday. I'm collecting bets on whether or not the district pushes benchmark week out by a week due to this. That is all I will say on this subject in case someone in my district reads this. Mom always said if you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all, right?! 

Positive things for my week:
1. I'm teaching the parts of a letter. I LOVE this because of the song we sing. You can find it here:

2. I get to wear jeans to work all week! 

3. I've been sick (which, duh, is not positive) but I am going to stay positive and get better this week! After all, Super Bowl is Sunday and I need to be 100% because I'm hosting a party for the occasion!

4. I will FINALLY finish my DRA2 this week. I have to. It's due Friday. 

Now off to enjoy my week of feeling better, singing the Addam's family theme song, and washing all my jeans!


Ana said...

Sorry to read that you're off to a rough start.. I hope it gets better for you! In Wisconsin right now we're getting ready for day 4 of cold days tomorrow because of the polar's crazy! I'm excited to look back to see all that you're bundling together for your synonym and antonym packet. :) Hope you feel better too!
Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

Kimberly Lawler said...

Please check out It is a teacher exchange program in which you meet teachers and send packages. Please feel free to sign up and pass our name along!


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