Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February currently

It's currently February so I'm linking with Oh' Boy 4th Grade to share what I'm currently up to!

I am in Austin this week for the TCEA Convention- basically technology for educators. So expect more posts about all the new stuff I've learned in the coming weeks! 
Since I'm with the director of technology from my district, and another lady from the tech department, and some other teachers, I'm getting some good bonding time with my colleagues, which is oh so important but unfortunately for teachers (at least at my district) it doesn't happen often enough. And since I'm here and with the people I'm with I should get first dibs on ipads for the classroom !! But I've been told it probably won't happen until next school year- seriously?!!! I think I may dabble with Donors Choose....

2 truths and a fib: (I LOVE this!!!!!)

1. FALSE- I drink Starbucks everyday on my way to work. Pricey yes, but you can't put a price on LOVE :) 

2. TRUE- Anyone who has known me in the last ten years has known I've always wanted to spend my 30th birthday in Europe- I figured I won't be as depressed about turning 30 if I do it in Europe. And my birthday falls on Spring Break. And my mom loves me. So we are going to London for spring break. and on my actual birthday we will take the chunnel to Paris so we can eat lunch at the Eiffel Tower. Words cannot express my excitement!!!

3. TRUE- yes, my boston terrier, Hunter, sees an eye doctor for animals. He has been seeing one for about 4 years now? His left eye doesn't make tears very well, at one point it didn't make tears at all, but now- because of all the treatments and money I've spent- his left eye makes some tears but not enough...so he gets three different types of eye drops three times a day, plus he gets some drops on his food to jumpstart the nerve endings in his eyeball. Sounds bad, but really, it's only bad for checking account, my savings account, my credit cards, etc. Not only are the drops and office visits frequent and expensive, the eye doctor is about 45 minutes away from where we live. The things we do for the ones we love!

What are you CURRENTLY doing for February??


Rachel Gilmore said...

I, too, dream of going to Paris! Super jealous! Loved your Currently!

Olwyn Hughes said...

I would be happy just to have a few ipads that could live in my classroom! We have a school set of 15 but they have to be signed out each and every time and I only want to use them occasionally with a handful of students. Sigh... Hope you had a fun time at the conference!

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