Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Behavior Management with guitars

Every year my school chooses a different school wide theme. One year it was something like "Rockin' our way to success." All I have is this link to show you what my inspiration was, and if this is your blog let me know please!
Guitar Inspiration

So my Dad (who has lots of cool and expensive tools in the garage) showed me how to cut out a guitar from wood. I drew it on the wood, and then we sort of took turns using the saws and sander. I say sort of because he did the bulk of the work, but did let me do stuff after watching him do it first. And that, my educator friends, is modeling at its finest. :)

Once cut out and sanded down, we primed it. Then I took it home to paint. I made the first one for myself (this picture was taken today, after using it for three years...)

I made some for my friends at school,

and one for my friend's son:

My most recent one was for a male teacher, so I didn't want to girly it up. He also loves the Houston Texans, so I went with a football theme.
 The front and back: 

Half way through: I painted the top part of the guitar to look like a football field. I painted it green, then measured out the yard lines. I used a white paint pen with a small tip to draw the lines and write the numbers. Then I traced and painted the Houston Texans logo to the bottom left, and the football in the middle. 

The idea is all the students start in the middle of the guitar- where it says "KICK OFF" and then for good behavior they move up towards "TOUCHDOWN" and for not so good behavior they move down towards "EJECTED." The teacher can decide exactly what happens at each interval, but this gives students many chances to correct unwanted behaviors, and rewards those who do well.

Do you use the clip system in your classroom? Is it effective?
I welcome all comments below! 


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