Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Celebrate Freedom Week

Did you know that five states- Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas- participate in Celebrate Freedom Week? There are laws requiring teachers in those states to recognize Celebrate Freedom Week in their classrooms. This means teaching about the founding fathers and documents that created the United States of America, from memorizing part of the Declaration of Independence to understanding the Bill of Rights.

In Texas and Kansas Celebrate Freedom Week is recognized the week of September 17th, when the U.S. Constitution was signed. Oklahoma celebrates the week of Veteran's Day, and Florida and Arkansas celebrate during the last week of September.

I created some products to help teachers teach Celebrate Freedom Week. Since I'm in Texas I looked at the TEKS- Texas Essential Knowledge & Standards- which outlines the standards that need to be taught for every grade level. The products I made cover every requirement set forth by the state of Texas. You can buy each piece separate, or the bundle is at the bottom (and it's the best value!)


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