Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Blog Post!

So I am just diving in head first to this whole blog thing...and kind of nervous about it. I don't know if nervous is a good word, but maybe a little skeptical? worried? I don't know how to describe it I suppose.

Everything started when a colleague of mine introduced me to Teachers Pay Teachers. We started by looking for stuff we could use in our lessons, and would not spend more than $1-$2. The more we looked, the more we decided we could make stuff ourselves. I started creating things around September or October 2012. My first quarter wasn't so great, but it was enough for me to realize that it was a great way to make extra money and it re-sparked something in me that had been slowly dying out the longer I taught. That sounds horrible, but it's true.

To sum it all up this is my sixth year teaching, I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers, I began teaching only 2nd grade ELAR, and I'm working with someone that still has the spark I remember having, and she's been teaching two years longer than I have! All of these things were my inspiration behind making so many products. I feel like I have been consumed with thinking about my next project for TpT, learning Adobe Photoshop (which right now seems impossible!) and becoming a better teacher.

So thank you for joining me on this journey, and please bear with me as I figure this blog thing out! (See my signature there...I'm still learning Photoshop....)


Jessica Goodrow said...

Awww that's super nice of you to say that (I assume you mean me)...and that you think that...because I feel like my fire has been burning out for a couple years now but is slowly coming back because of all of this. Welcome to the blogging world!

Literacy Spark

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