Friday, May 10, 2013

Food for thought...

My mom sent me this article on Yahoo this week and I found it pretty interesting...

It was conducted in England, Wales, and Scotland and basically found that you can predict someone's future socioeconomic status based on their performance in second grade. I have mixed feelings about this. I know in Texas puts the emphasis on third grade, not second. I've heard that in the past in Texas, state officials looked at third grade reading scores and decided they needed to invest in more prisons, basically saying that if you can't read in third grade, your destined to go to jail as an adult. (I can write an entire other post on this thought process...) This study backs that thought up, I suppose, but says you can predict the future based on second grade.

Anyway, I found it interesting because I started thinking about my students in my second grade classroom. They're still so young, but not. When I taught fourth grade I felt like I could pretty easily guess which of my students would go to college, to jail, etc. but I don't feel like that with my second graders. They're still maturing, they're still prone to getting babied at home, they're learning what they can get away with, bend the rules, etc. They still throw temper tantrums. I didn't see that with my fourth graders. I felt like by the time they were 9 or 10, they knew how to work the system, they were entering puberty, they were really developing a sense of self and defining themselves as mini-adults. Now, I'm not a parent, so maybe I'd see things differently then.

I'm curious what other educators think- when you see your students are you predicting their futures as college graduates, inmates, CEOs, doctors, etc.?


Kelly said...

I saw that article too - it was interesting food for thought. I try not to predict based on today, because people can change, but, I have found myself doing it without thinking about it. For example during reading week our kiddos were asked to write their future goals - one of my highest kiddos put "To work in Fast Food." I wanted to roll over and die - he is supposed to be a doctor or a lawyer! But... his mom works at a fast food restaurant - how can I be judgmental??? It really makes you think - are we measured by success or by happiness?

Jessica Goodrow said...

I think where they are at in 2nd grade really does tell a lot about their future. Kids who haven't learned to read, will likely not become proficient readers unless they get a really amazing teacher who devotes a lot of extra time to them. Kids that have uninvolved parents at such a young age, likely will for the rest of their lives. But, everyone can change and all it takes it someone to make an impact on their life in a positive way so I still keep my fingers crossed for them!

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