Sunday, August 18, 2013

TpT Sale and back to school rambling

Back to school rambling starts now...
So much to say...I took a break, a hiatus if you will, from blogging, creating products, anything to do with "The Educated Crown" I hit a creative block, started thinking my own classroom, and had some personal things to reflect on as well. Now my classroom is almost done and I'm officially back at work so I'm ready to start back with The Educated Crown and all things associated with it. I thought the BIG back to school sale through TpT would be a good time to log back into everything..."Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years!"
I'm going to be posting more in depth directions/ explanations of all the little projects I've gotten done for my room this week...but here is just a little preview:
homemade handmade bookcase for all of my plastic shoeboxes containing task cards
my job chart, some more organizing, word wall, and computer posters
my classroom library

updated student mailboxes


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