Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Day in The Life of a Teacher

I am not sure what non-teachers think teachers do all summer....sit by the pool all day? Watch TV? Sleep? For me, it depends on the day. I don't have kids or I know my summer days would be a bit different most of the time. So today I'm linking up with Jessica at Second Grade Nest to go through my day!

Tuesday- first day of ABYDOS training (writing training) for my district. First time I've had to wake up this early to be somewhere in a long time :) Duke is stretching while waiting for his food. Hunter starts eating immediately, then tries to steal Duke's food!

This is an expensive habit, but I stop for breakfast and coffee every morning. I mostly go to this bagel place on my way to work and get a plain bagel with egg & bacon and a coffee. Sometimes I go to Starbucks, but their breakfast sandwich isn't as good as the bagel place. 

8:30am- I am in my seat ready for training. No pictures....Dr. Carroll was entertaining and made sure we all paid close attention (as in no cell phones out or she'd stop and wait for you to put it away) 

I decided upon a working lunch today. I copied ALL, yes ALL, of my reading logs, spelling homework, high frequency word lists, and fluency packets for the entire year! I wanted to go to Chili's with my work friends, but man did I get A LOT done. And I stopped by my classroom...it's exactly the way I last saw it- a hot mess! I can't start working in it until "they" say it's ok...but I'm holding off until August 12th...

1:00pm- back in training. Still can't have out my phone. We made some stuff and learned a lot about expository writing. This is a three day training so once it's over I will be writing a blog post about it for sure! 

I'm home. Hunter is hungry for dinner. I decide to flip through my new cookbook to figure out what I can cook for dinner. I like to eat early. Since I worked through lunch and only had a protein bar I'm starving! 

Getting exercise with Hunter & Duke! It's hot and they decide to take a dip in the ditch...they get baths when we get home! 

The walk really made them tired. They nap while I watch TV and play on my Mac (blogging, reading blogs, thinking of new products for TpT, Pinterest, dreaming, wishing, etc.) 

I couldn't resist putting one more picture of my babies! During the school year this would be more like 9:00pm but since I can sleep until 7am tomorrow (and it's summer!) I stayed up a little later. I know- such a rebel! 

What did you do today???


Jessica Tobin said...

Your dogs are awesome! So nice that you have them around all the time. Hope things worked out well in your classroom (in 2 more weeks!!). I can't imagine not getting in there for another 2 weeks.

Thanks for linking up!
Second Grade Nest

4321Teach said...

We had a full week of writing training last week. It was amazing. The Teachers College from New York were our trainers. I felt so lucky to have them. I can't wait to hear what you learned about expository writing. :)

Jamie Neely said...

Haha! My dog is great at napping while I blog, pin, and wish too! :) I just found your blog today...love anything with a crown! :)

So I am nominating you for the Liebster Award!! It is for blogs with less than 200 followers to help promote your blog!

If you want to participate, go to the address below and follow instructions when you get there! Have fun!


Jamie Neely said...

Haha! And I just realized after perusing your blog some more that you've already won this award! And you have lots o'followers on bloglovin! Oops!! Glad to have found you anyway! :)

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