Monday, May 13, 2013

Organizing and packing- only 16 days left!

My latest accomplishment- organizing all the activities & task cards I've created & made this school year! I finally bought the clear plastic shoe boxes, labeled each one with a cutesy label with a bright color and- tada! I have to move classrooms- the fifth time in six years (and all at the same school!) The last two years was because of construction, which will be finished over the summer. Anyway- I feel like such a better teacher knowing that I have a hands on activity and/or task cards for so many different objectives I teach throughout the year! They're mostly language, but this summer I plan to make lots more stuff!
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Jessica Goodrow said...

I think I want to put all of my task cards onto rings, I'm not sure. I really haven't even printed and laminated them all...Are they just in rubberbands in there?

Literacy Spark

Vanessa Crown said...

Pretty much each set is in it's own plastic baggie. I thought about the key rings, but they usually do them in partners and self check with the answer key. Plus, when we play SCOOT I just grab a a set and lay them out on the desks, etc.

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