Monday, May 27, 2013

to Mac or not to Mac? That is the question....

So my work laptop has to be turned in June 4th...not to mention it won't start up for the second time this school worries since I save everything to a flash drive. Either way, I have to get a new laptop come June 4th. My home laptop is like a notebook, and has the old office on it. I need something bigger and the newer office. I REALLY want a Mac Book Air, but I think it would cost me about $1500 when it's said and done (the laptop, office, and adobe acrobat pro & photoshop.) My boyfriend is looking to buy an ultrabook, and if/when he does I can get his Toshiba (which I'm using now since my work laptop doesn't want to start up this weekend...) His Toshiba is FREE- and I LOVE free. The only thing I'd buy for it is Adobe Acrobat Pro so I can secure my pdfs for my TpT Store, and photoshop since I'm still trying to learn how to use it so one day I can create graphics and clip art...

Anyway, if you've made the switch let me know why it's worth it, so I can better justify spending the money if it comes to that :)



Sarah said...

If you create documents for TpT, you will LOVE a mac! I made the switch and I absolutely love it! They have a program called Pages, which is like Microsoft and you can save in different formats (including PDF and Word) so you can use your files anywhere. That will save you some $$$. Also, teachers get a discount. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Sarah from Third Grade Skinny

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