Thursday, August 14, 2014

ThrowBackThursday: Teacher Tool Box

Last year I created my teacher tool box- and I absolutely LOVE it, still, over one year later. So I thought I would resurrect my old blog post about how to make it, and I am putting all of my teacher tool box labels on sale for today only (links are at the end of this post!) 

Oh where to start??? I have tried LOTS of things the past few days...but I'll stick with my TEACHER TOOL BOX! I know there's a lot out there....and I was inspired by my friend Jessica over at Literacy Spark...

I bought this from Lowe's:

It is a Stack On 18 Drawer Storage Unit. I wanted to get one like Jessica's but of course the Lowes I was at had a limited supply- and it took me asking three different people and finally pulling up what I wanted on my iPhone and showing it to someone before I finally found the right aisle to go down!

To make this would be long story short (yes- I had other "hiccups" like lack of printer ink, cardstock, etc.) Here is my finished product:

First I had to make my labels. Literacy Spark (Jessica) has made hers for sale.  In all different colors, too! But of course I couldn't find that tool box, so I had to create my own stuff. I will add more colors later on, but for now here is the orange and turquoise that I used.   Now I have 8 different colors at my TpT store to choose from!

Besides buying the "tool box" from Lowes, I needed a color printer, white card stock, double sided tape, scissors, and the labels. After creating and printing the labels I cut them out:

After cutting, I applied the double sided tape to the FRONT of the label on each end. 

I then placed the label into the drawer, pressing the double sided tape inside the drawer so it would stick properly. 

Then I put the drawer back into the tool box. Repeat 17 times and then you're done!

If you like what you see and want to make your own let me know! I used orange chevron with a turquoise box around the text, but I can make any color combination you want! 
The orange/ turquoise combo is in my TpT store here for fifty cents. You can email me at for specific color combinations/ specific labels and I can create them just for you!

Click on the picture below to take you to the product:


The Teacher's Desk 6 said...

You have such a variety of labels! Goodness you were busy. I made a teacher toolbox this year for the first time. Wish I had seen your labels before I finished. I'd love to have you add your TBT post to my weekly tbt linky.


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