Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's only been a day but...teaching reality show?

It's only been a day but it seems like FOREVER! I'm visiting some good friends of mine, and the internet was being weird last night. I tried to email some of you your teacher toolbox labels, but the internet was going in and out. I had the same problem again during the day today, but luckily my friend called their provider today and got it fixed! But then I couldn't remember who I had emailed already, I was working through the mail thing on my MacBook, then went directly through gmail because the mail thing was being weird. Long story short....You should have received your toolbox labels if you commented on my post from yesterday (Monday) and maybe you received them twice...if you haven't gotten them and feel like you should have, please just email me directly: TheEducatedCrown@gmail.com

Since I'm on a little mini-vacation I can't really *do* or *make* stuff for school...and I kinda don't want to since it's starting way too soon! But I've been watching a ton of cooking shows...and my friend went to the Culinary Institute of America (yes...he's CIA!) so I got to watch him cook two nights in a row. His wife (also my good friend!) made chicken salad for lunch and it was delish. I really have food on my mind...anyway the point of this is watching the cooking shows...someone should make a teaching related reality show! All of these cooking shows make me appreciate the chefs, waitstaff, etc. of eating out, looking at menus, recipes, grocery shopping, etc. so maybe if there was like a hidden camera kind of show for teaching and people could see how crazy some of the kids are...or how we don't get a lunch...or even "the day in the life of a teacher" just to get more awareness of what being a teacher really is. Just a thought...


Amy said...

I think that's a great idea! Let's show America what we REALLY do!

Tanya said...

There was a documentary series about kindergarten on HBO for a while. It definitely didn't show all of the things we do or deal with though. It was pretty cute.

Jessica Goodrow said...

Tony Danza did some sort of show on teaching...he actually went in for a year and taught high school English and they filmed it. He was literally in tears and ended up writing a book about it I think recognizing how hard teaching really is.

Literacy Spark

Keep Calm said...

I got the labels - thank you SO much, they're great. I can't wait to start making things for my classroom either, but because I work abroad I have to hold fire. Excess baggage fees are not in my budget, so I have to wait .... 4 more weeks :0

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