Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It- Facebook, Tool Box, and Labels

Monday Made It #1

I created a Facebook page for The Educated Crown. It is a work in progress...I set it up through Facebook Pages which seems to be different from a regular profile (at least to me anyway...) 
I'm sort of lonely over there on Facebook so please like me! I'm begging you to like me :) 

Monday Made It #2

For the past Tried it Tuesday I posted about making my Teacher Tool Box. I hastily posted the labels I made for my tool box at my TpT store...but now I have a created an EDITABLE (through PowerPoint) set of labels and instructions on how to edit the labels, as well as how to create the tool box of course! I only have orange labels right now, but I plan to spend today creating other colors. 

Monday Made It #3
Editable chevron name tags or labels in 9 different colors! These name tags are editable through PowerPoint. They are 20% off for their debut so please check them out!

If you leave a comment below with your favorite color and your email address I'll send you a free set of  one color of name tags/ labels from the picture above! The only catch is you need to be following this blog through Bloglovin! Your comment has to be dated for today, July 15, 2013, and once I've reached 15 freebies I'm closing it down. 

Ready, set, go!


Im Lovin Lit said...

Love the toolbox sister! My favorite color is PINK and my email is
:) Erin
I'm Lovin Lit

Heather in 4th said...

So glad I found you. Love the chevron. I like the black. Thanks for your generosity.

Disneymum said...

Love these, love the pink. These are perfect! I love that you can edit them.


scrapmoose at gmail dotcom

Anonymous said...

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