Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord- Teaching kids to write print and cursive

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I've been on hiatus...I've been busy...and it's only been like five days? But it seems like a REALLY long time to not be blogging or working on TpT products!

Smorgasbord #1
I went with my boyfriend to his 20th high school reunion. I haven't seen any of the pictures yet but I feel like I was in a lot of them! I skipped my 10 year reunion so this was my first one to go to, and I actually knew a lot of people there (we have been dating two years and he has kept in touch with a lot of people) They say people can't change buuuut he used to take pictures with his beer hiding his face, and I've gotten him to stop! But now he does this...

Smorgasbord #2
A friend recently asked me what she could buy her son (who is starting first grade) what she can buy to help him write in print better, and learn cursive. Any suggestions? 

I will admit that while I should probably focus on handwriting more in my classroom, when I do it's workbooks :( My district used to buy the D'Nealian handwriting workbooks for cursive, I never saw anything for print, and now they don't buy them (at least not for second grade...) I don't think parents can purchase the workbooks? I did find this one on Amazon that has good reviews from parents:
 So again I ask you...any suggestions on what my friend should purchase?


Sami said...

I found a handwriting galore packet for free on TpT. This is a print packet. Not sure if she has a cursive packet or not. The link to the handwriting galore packet is This packet also comes in a D'Nealian format. Hope this helps at least with print.

Your friend could also have her son use a toothpick to write letters or words into modeling clay. Then he can use his fingers to smooth out the clay for a clean surface.

Another option would be to laminate alphabet cards and allow the child to write with dry erase on the laminated cards.

Hope these ideas help!

Jessica Goodrow said...

You should ask Stephanie. She was always giving fine motor skills ideas at my ards/to the parents for one of my kids who needed help with handwriting. I do think anyone can order workbooks from Zaner-Bloser's website, I remember looking for my niece. But that's regular print.

Literacy Spark

Ashlie Sebert said...

The OT at my school introduced my to Doorway Online. I use it with my promethean board and have my students trace their letters with the pens. It's a way of not using as much paper. I'm sure your friend doesn't have a board but she should be able to use it on any sort of electrical device with a stylus. Plus, it's free. Just Google Doorway online. It also has other educational activities such as practing spelling words. Number, time, money, and many other types of activities.

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